Monday, July 25, 2011

Back from the Home-Land

I chuckle when Coast 93.1 Morning Show host Jon A. leans over my desk this morning and asks me how the "MotherLand" (otherwise known as Orange County, California) was?

Oh. It was freakin' awesome and much needed. (Photos to follow whenever I can manage to dig out my USB cord from the pile of boxes still unpacked in my office).

I didn't plug in much this week, in the sense that I had zero cell reception and no desire to sit on my hiney blogging of facebooking. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but Miss Outdoors-y wanted to bask in the sunshine. I have an epic tan (and an equally awesome sunburn because apparently, you can still get extra crispy in 75 degree weather) and now of course, I sit in my chair wondering why in God's name we moved in the first place. (Oh ... that's right... the Marine Corps told us to move to Maine. Darn them!)

So I finally get around to checking my work email, and in the midst of the explosion that has accumulated over the past week ... I find out that our current traffic manager has accepted a position with a creative branding firm, and will be leaving this week. Meaning: new open position.

Uhhh .. insert happy face here?!
I'm 80% of the way trained in traffic.
Maybe a new promotion is in my future provided Melany isn't interested?! (She's been training with Hillary since February, therefore making her the most qualified. But, she also works in production and enjoys that aspect, too ... so we'll see how the cookie crumbles.)
I have an interview with the business managers next week. I'm not counting on getting the promotion considering Melany is in fact the most qualified; but a significant raise and full time hours would be much appreciated.

I also troll around the 'net looking at available positions across the globe .... and this intro made me chuckle:

Can you survive on a few hours of sleep a night and lots of coffee to meet our client's deadlines? Are your attention to detail and organizational skills impeccable? Can you manage your time on multiple projects and still have a sense of humor? Then you may be the creative force we are looking for.

Why YES I love working on limited amounts of sleep.
Why YES I love it when clients wait until the last minute to send over the information, thereby requiring I sleep less and bend my world around theirs. Tons of fun!
Why YES I'm a freakin' riot when all of the above turns me into a sarcastic, snarky bitch.
And I do all this ... for $22,000/annual.
Quite frankly: I'm having flashbacks to my college newspaper when I was still stupid enough to be the news editor and later copy editor. First in and last to leave. I really wasn't a happy camper by the end of the year.

All I have to say: is God bless the person that accepts those crazy terms of employment.
Welcome back to blogging, eh??


  1. Glad you got to make it back to CA! It's always good to be "home". :)

    Speaking of "home", I'm frequently up in NH, although I don't always know in advance when. I'm totally up for a cup of coffee sometime! My mother-in-law lives just over the ME/NH border, so I think it would be close to you. I'd PM you my cell, but can't find the button...??

  2. Good to hear from you! HAHA... I interned with a morning show. Never. Again.

  3. Hi Taryn! I emailed you yesterday about the dress! email me at