Monday, August 1, 2011


There’s been a lot of buzz around the MilSpouse community (well … my “community” is limited to a forum because Portland, ME is mostly a Coast Guard/National Guard town) about the subject of home.

Is home where you hang your hat?
Where you make it?
A specific place?

I’m probably standing on my own island … but to me? A house is just a house until Drew & I finally stop our geographic tango. Home? Home to us is SoCal. I love it there, I want to raise my (future, God willing and the creek don’t rise) children there (or furbabies if I end up deciding kiddos are too much for me to possibly consider handling). We would like to buy a house when the constant upheaval comes to a cease-fire.

But in the meantime? My plan is to enjoy the ride. I’d gladly give a limb or two for an opportunity to live/work in Washington D.C. I want to live in the South at some point. But I also wouldn’t say no to Japan … or Italy … or Spain … or even Iceland. (I do NOT look forward to living in 29 Palms, Yuma, Fort Huachuca or Barstow. )

I know that just about every military wife on the planet is happy to say that home is wherever her husband’s career takes them. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy living in our apartment with all the little homey touches … but there’s just something about this neck of the country that just doesn’t “feel” like home to me. Maybe it’s a Maine thing. Maybe it’s an entire country thing. Who knows; I’ll have to let you know in the next 4-5 months when we officially get orders.

What about you? Where do you call home?


  1. I'm right there with ya! Except the northeast is my home. Hawaii and California were beautiful, but I never felt a connection to them. Maybe it has to do with the familiarity of where I was brought up? I love giant maples and the beautiful scenery and the people and the food (I could do without the cold-ass, gray Atlantic, though... Hawaii beaches spoiled me!), and being around that makes me feel "home".

  2. Home is where my husband and I have build it. Although, I still reside in the same state from where I grew up and now we own property here, so yep. Home is right here where I am with DH in our little house.

  3. Home is Alabama/Georgia to me. But, the relationships I've made in this shit-hole of a post have made it more than bearable. It's why I decided to stay throughout the deployment. I make it very clear that I am not home currently, but living my married life alone while husband is deployed. I can't wait for him to get back so maybe I can feel differently, but home will always be where I grew up. I really don't want to raise my future spawn anywhere else.

  4. I'm not sure were home is anymore. Neither of us want to return to were we came from. We bought a house on RD but it was more as a investment and we will never live here again. We love the NC/SC coastline and are happiest when we vacation there so we are hoping to retire in that area. Until then though we feel like we are floating.

  5. I agree. This moving constantly has kept me from putting too much effort into decorating or buying nice window coverings. We are at Camp Pendleton now and I love it...well SoCal that is. You can't beat the weather and there is plenty to do. However, I can't say this feels like home to me. I am from WI and hubby is from IL. The hustle bustle gets old when just going out to get a gallon a milk is like risking your life in rush hour on the 5. When I visit home, I appreciate the large green yards and leisurely strolls to the local store. But I do believe, when enjoying dinner with my husband in our housing on base, it feels like home in that instant.