Thursday, July 7, 2011

When it hits 94 degrees in Maine ...

... we call it a half-day at the office and hit the beach. (Well, at least I did.)

Yesterday was a bit of a surprise, for two reasons:

1. Apparently I've only ever been to the Sandy Point Beach on Cousins Island when the tide is out .... because the mile stretch of sandbar that I usually throw a towel on? Was gone. Water came RIGHT up to the edge of the path leading down to the water. People were stretched out on rocks.

2. Bristol isn't really a water dog in the sense that we toss her in and she swims for shore. Yesterday however, she was motoring around in the shallow water (well, I imagine for her short little legs it was on the deep side) for a solid 45 minutes. All of this was after a full day at doggy daycare. I was having a hard time fishing her out of Casco Bay when 5:15 rolled around. Turns out? She's decided that swimming is one of her new favorite activities, second only to chasing tennis balls.

Older photo ... this little stretch of sand she's standing on?
Completely covered when we got there yesterday afternoon.
Who knew the dozens of times we've been to the beach was low tide EVERY. TIME. ??

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