Monday, July 11, 2011

Shopping for Clothing = bane of all evil

I think I’m about to engage in warfare when it comes to finding clothing. Apparently in Forever 21 standard: I’m a fatty-fat-fatty. I’ll be the first to admit that yes, I’m a little wider now than I was 6 months ago. (And I don’t think that jumping from a size 4 to a size 6/8 is necessarily a bad thing, to be perfectly honest … but that’s likely denial speaking.)

I’m itty-bitty. 5’3’’, as a matter of fact.
10 pounds on this kid and you notice it. (BALLS! Damn genetics!)
I’ve always had “thunder thighs” from many years of riding horses and playing soccer, so really: miniskirts and dresses look pretty awful. Add 10lbs and cellulite, and the result is seriously not pretty. NEXT!

Turns out: it’s hard to find tops that are slimming around my waist yet don’t make my 34E breasts look well, porn-star status.

Dear god, I need shorts that don’t have my gigantic ass-cheeks falling out the bottom. Daisy Dukes are in?? But I’d also like to NOT be wearing Bermuda shorts.

There has GOT to be some casual clothing that will fit a 5’3’’, 128 lb female.
Of course, when I write it out like that … I feel like a hobbit. Aka: Short. Chubby. Minus the hairy feet.

I left Forever 21 in tears.
Seriously, Taryn? You’re 25. What in God’s name were you doing in a store that caters to high school kids? You know damn well that Express/Limited/J. Crew/LOFT are more your style. Not your pricepoint; but definitely your style.

Le sigh.


  1. Wow just make me feel terrible about my body!

    hahhaha I'm 4"11 and weigh 137 lbs. And I was a gymnast to add on top of that. So I have some HUGE shoulders, arms, calfs, and thighs!

    Girl, don't feel bad about your body. EMBRACE IT and LOVE IT.

  2. I buy my shorts at Aeropostle of all places because they are the only store that has a middle length- not bermuda not up-my-butt-&-around-the-corner. (that I can afford anyway, I know Victoria's Secret sells them as "boyfriend shorts" and Guess/Gap do as well)

  3. I feel the same way. I have definitely gotten a little bigger. I think our bodies might be telling us it's time for babies. (NO THANK YOU).

    I was just at Forever 21 two weeks ago, and I left the store extremely aggravated and almost in tears. But you are right. The store does cater to high schoolers. Time to move on, which means spending more money. :/

    You're not alone!

  4. FIrst mistake: Shopping at forever 21. The clothes are super adorable, but you have to understand they are made for stick people. Thin, no curves, no breasts. I shop there, but in the PLUS size section. I'm a 1X. HA! Really? That's funny because in real life I'm a 12. Don't take the sizing there seriously. They are really cut very small.

  5. Forever 21 never fails in making me feel like I am not a real person and walking out with a frown on. Their sizes are absolutely ridiculous.
    It just is a major frown face when I see those prices in the window knowing that I'll have to trudge my curvy butt to Macy's and spend my whole paycheck on one outfit.
    Keep looking for those sales!

  6. I am a size 8 and the large in Forever 21 doesn't fit! Don't feel bad! They do not make clothes to fit regular sized women.

  7. I made out like a bandit at Old Navy! Their sizes run a little large ... so even the XS is a little bit baggy on me; and there's PLENTY of room in their size 6 denim to fit my giant thighs. I contemplated a size 4... but then I figured it's probably best in the long run if I just invest in a belt.