Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Fridays.

Today was all kinds of fabulous for many reasons. The first and foremost being that it was my last day with the radio station. (Okay, this is a little bittersweet. It was a great company to work for; loved my boss and I loved what I did and who I got to work with ... minus the crappy paycheck. They did offer me my job back at any point in time; be it next week or next year. They also mentioned I'd be the first person they'd call if something full time opened up)

I saw Breaking Dawn today with some friends ... GREAT movie! Although I did learn today that the original cut earned it an R rating due to adult content; and I tapped my fingertips together in an Evil-Kineval type way and what I really want to know is if they're going to release that version on DVD. I'm Can you imagine the uproar that would have caused with all the tweens??

Saturday is the Marine Corps Ball ... which to me, has always seemed like prom in a way. Plus the pomp and circumstance and Semper Fi/Oorah ... and plus booze. Generally a good time before it turns into a dance party and drunken debauchery continues. This year; instead of trekking our butts down to Boston -- it's in Portland. Meaning: we can go home whenever we want. Fistpump! In years previous: I was always game for staying for dinner; and then hitting the town.

Sunday is going to be my last shift EVER at the Olive Garden. How pumped is this kid?! No more 10% tips. No more being nice to people that are blatantly rude. In general ... no more working weekends! Whoa.
Haven't had Fri/Sat/Sun free since I turned 17.
Good god, what am I going to DO with all this free time? Oh, I know. I can actually make ski-trip plans. I can actually take my dog to the playgroups on Saturday mornings.
I can sleep in if I darn well want.

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