Monday, May 4, 2009

Bon Voyage, Drew!

"So, with Drew gone for 20 days ... you're going to be bored as hell, huh?"
"Bored? No; I've got all kinds of stuff to do."

Really now. 3 weeks with him NOT in a combat situation and a mere 3000 miles away? Hell, I'll take it. Any griping otherwise means Sidnie is flying from Germany to slap me clear into next week :-P Besides, I trust him with the whole living situation. Scratch that: Erin'll beat me silly on our date night. 

I was NOT encouraged when the first words out his mouth at the Bangor Airport today was "SHIT! BABY, IT'S COLD!!" :-/ Great. It's "cold" in April. 

Keep in mind he left the apartment this morning wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops like a regular Cali kid. (I'm so proud). 

PS: He earned brownie points by altering the lyrics from Kenny Chesney's "Anything But Mine" and singing it in my ear at Stagecoach. ("And in the morning I'm leaving making my way back to Maine, so tonight I'll hope I'll do just fine. And I don't see how you could ever be anything but mine. Taryn, I don't see ho

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