Tuesday, December 1, 2009

She's a cuss word 'cause it's Monday

Mondays have habitually sucked wind since the dawn of time. I hate Mondays. I hate the Mondays after I've been fired, too.

Context: I think we all have the "oh, well that was stupid" moments in our lives. I just tend to have a few more than normal folks. SITUATION -- I may have been caught sitting at a table with off-the-clock coworkers that had booze on the table. That's a no-no, but one that could probably be let go. The part that got me fired was the fact that I may or may not have been sipping the liquor in the cup at 11:27pm when we close at 11:30. It was irritating the way my manager told me that he does NOT want to fire me, but if he didn't, the entire store would think they could get away with murder and as such he was left without another option. Mmm. Thanks. I love being a martyr. 

Yes, I know. Thank you Captain Obvious for reminding me of things I'm already aware of. Was it worth it? Well, duh, no. But I'm a huge fan of making lemonade out of the lemons you've been handed, so I've decided to think in terms of BEING POSITIVE. And really, it turned out to be not so bad for a few different reasons. 

1) The YardHouse agreed to hire me. Downside: my training doesn't start until after the holidays. I said I'd let them know.

PS: Part of my interview included a liquor test. Name 5 types of vodka. Sell a martini to the manager. So there is some good coming to me for being a bit of an alcoholic (usually OFF the clock). 

2) The managers at Chili's have all agreed to give me a lovely referral if said company should ask. They also wrote down "voluntary termination" on my record. Which to me says "she quit." Which is a good tihng.

3) The Cheesecake Factory service manager *loved* me -- which isn't terribly unheard of because darn it if I'm not personable. She also found the conditions of my unemployment ... amusing. Direct quote: "Wow. Well I've definitely done a shift shot in my lifetime." I should be expecting a follow up phone call from them in the next 48 hours to set up a second interview and discuss a training schedule and the terms of my being hired etcetera. 

4) I've been talking about leaving Chili's for oh ... awhile. This might be a push in the right direction. If push finally DOES come to shove: I'm getting myself some seasonal holiday work and we'll go from there. SOME income is better than NO income. And we all know my proactive work ethics: it just isn't like me to sit back on my butt and wonder when things will change. Gandhi perhaps said it best: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

5)I took a personality test at Cheesecake Factory??? Hopefully I don't rub off as hostile. There was a question about how forcefully I'd argue if someone tried to take my legal rights. Nothing personal, people, but I'm gonna get pissed if you try and silence a whistleblower or strip me of my 1A rights. 

6) Day two of job hunt starts tomorrow. Joy?? We're hitting up BJs, King's Fish House, CPK and LoneStar Steakhouse. w00t.

Oh. But to answer some questions: has reality sunk in?? Kind of but not really. I'll stress about it when I have a mere $20 to my name. Don't be too offended if for Christmas this year, you get a card with my name on it.

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